What momma taught me.

PROUD: like mother like daughter.  Photo: Mpho Manala

PROUD: like mother like daughter.
Photo: Mpho Manala

When I was younger, I heard my mom say all the time how difficult life is. How she has had to fight and toil and pull and negotiate and just be within sheer metaphysical battles at times to achieve the things she really wanted. Perhaps it was always the crack in her voice and the weariness in her spirit, made visible through her eyes, that made my heart break for her. But more selfishly, there was a lot in me that begged the gods that I may never have to work that hard towards an ungrateful end or towards futility. Or towards a victory that when finally achieved -loses its splendor because of all the battle scars.

Im 22 now and these last two days have shown me unequivocally how the pursuit of a dream will never, ever leave you unscathed. Even when you are following the natural path your life should take. Faith will be shaken, patience tested and wits proved. Because, Darwins Theory of Natural Selection is so true- only the fittest survive. I see now in many ways the strength my mother birthed through me. I see how much self-determination I have cultivated. I see the woman I am trying to be. And I am making a new silent prayer, not for the resistance of battle scars but for thick skin of resilience and above all else… to follow my bliss audaciously.


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