Day 1: Hello Yeoville!

So I made my first voyage to Yeoville a day later than the rest of my class which naturally made me feel anxious and already on the backdrop of progress. I suppose it was mainly  because I did not experience Yeoville for the first time in the same breath and lens that everyone did. However, gladly I am not shy of the necessary independence that makes for a journalist. I grabbed an old friend who is familiar with the streets and culture of Yeoville and so we took to the streets.

Gee, I was never ready for the upheaval and sizzle in the air that is Yeoville. Today was a windy humid day, so the lethargy was threatening  to make this exploration unsuccessful. There were so many people in the street. Just so many human- everywhere. I really thought the migration from Joburg CBD would make Yeoville a lot calmer, a lot livable and easier to take in but the human traffic is rife and consistent.

With regards to my in-depth project, I stepped into it with much apprehension especially with regards to how I can illustrate it visually for the multimedia dimension. I took the plunge yesterday and did a lot of asking and approaching and people were quite open and helpful which was redeeming. I am focusing on academics in Yeoville who descend from the rest of Africa with degrees, qualification and a good education who have been unable to use their education in South Africa to create a better life in South Africa. I will focus on the transition and trickle down in expectation of the country they are from and what they looked forward to in this country.

I hope to illustrate this in a way that is authentic. To show human hopes and dreams and the effects it carries on ones outlook on life to have those dreams stunted.


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