Day 3: Visually Speaking.

Today was still progressive as far as contacts go and getting the right people to speak to. Suddenly though, I realised that in-depth is a lot more than just the feature writing, in my mind I had totally neglected the multimedia aspect of it. I think partly because I know that the digital and technical aspect of this course has not been my strength. It has been a concerted effort every time I’ve made a  video and while I have learnt each time I did, I don’t feel as confident as I would like to be.

So I have been fumbling with ideas on my multimedia piece. I am hoping not to reduce it to an  interview style type of documenting. I want to capture the vibe and sizzle of Yeoville and illustrate how a life of big dreams can be reduced to ends-meet and mediocrity. I plan to start recording this weekend even though I am jaded. But I hope to wing it as I go along which I know can really be problematic with no clear plan in sight. However, I figure starting with simple interviews will be helpful. In my interview with Luke Mabiala, he spoke about the trade that happens between Nigerian men who find foreign nationals South African “wives” so they can gain citizenship. The immigrants pay R1500 initially and a sum of R250 every month for this privilege.

This is an angle worth exploring but difficult in the obvious sense that this trade is illegal and finding subjects willing to talk to may be hard. I am following this train of thought because I think it’s not impossible to pull off. I am apprehensive about the safety issues though. In the meantime, it’s worth finding a plan B and possibly C as well for the multimedia piece.


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