The confusion, the clarity.

Clarity and confusion are the conflicting ideas that came to the fore with regards to this in-depth which almost had me feeling out of my depth. Perhaps the obstacle is relaying my ideas effectively and not that there isn’t enough clarity with my vision for this project.

I headed to rowdy Time Square, possibly the most conspicuously dangerous place in Yeoville. That can easily be attributed to the fact that there are mainly bars and drunk men filling the square. I was interviewing a woman named Elysee who holds a Masters degree in Economic Science from Congo but instead of pursuing a career there, she left that prospect to follow her husband in South Africa to have a family here. Quite an interesting and refreshing angle that her circumstances were not influenced by politics but the pursuit of love and happiness. I also met a man called Lama from Congo (starting to find it strange and maybe ominous that all my academic subjects are from Congo). Anyway, I will be interviewing him tomorrow, looking forward to that cause he is so charismatic and full of ideology- makes for an interesting subject.

Some headway was made with finding a subject for the arranged marriages. He didn’t want to divulge much over the phone but was willing to talk and meet with me with the condition of no camera. Clearly, visually my idea of profiling arranged marriages may not be visually strong and appealing. I can relax that pursuit as long as I can find a way to filter it effectively into my feature. It is an important story to tell.

I got a lot of insight from Zaheer, videography mentor. I watched a couple of videos today to help clear the focus on how I can illustrate the journey of Luke Mabiala from academic to barber and the trivialities of his life between.


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