Trust Issues.

Feature writing for in-depth is going quite okay i’d like to think. That is a necessary disclaimer because thinking you are on the right track does not necessarily qualify that you are doing the right thing. It has dawned on me that even for the written feature I need some multimedia in the form of still pictures to tell the story visually. My main subject, and he is by virtue of being so open and accommodating.

But our trust relationship now needs a bit of growth, I have realised that I havent seen where Luke lives and how he is in his natural habitat and that seems important for the purpose of delivering his story effectively. For the visual element of storytelling I need to infiltrate his personal space, in reasonable bounds ofcourse this was met with much apprehension from him. I guess telling your story as a fall from grace is easier than having the explicit details of your survival mechanisms so bare to be seen. I can appreciate that and to a certain extent I understand why he would feel that way.

Almost makes me feel selfish for me to want someone to open up their lives to me uncomfortably so that I can have a good in-depth feature. I guess journalism has an element of narcissism that cannot be denied, I mean surely it’s not meant to be self-serving but when your name is a byline of anything it is in part a reflection of you. Anyway ;Luke said he’d get back to me about letting me into his home. Him thinking about it is perhaps the best I can hope for.

I hope to do as much shooting as I possibly can tomorrow and make up lots of ground with my multimedia material. I think with enough focus, I can do so much in a day.


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