Team work cliches are true.

Today our group of four was missing a vital member especially since we are all shooting and trying to get enough footage for multimedia. It is no surprise that because of Luke’s AFDA education and photography knack, we have kind of relied on him to help us produce quality  visuals for our multimedia. While we felt his absence today, also because we also didn’t have the comfort of a ride, we had to maximise what little skills we cumulatively have and the products were actually good.

Having not done TV or photography as a mid-year course and all my videos this year receiving fair criticisms never made me feel too confident about how I would tackle multimedia, so I resigned myself to being the sound person. I mean all I had to do was hold the pole and be still. Today, beyond directing, I was behind the camera and managed to solve a problem we had that many videos that were not focused and clear enough. Zaheer did say that this obvious flaw in a video would lead to a fail. We spend most of the day reshooting Palesa’s multimedia and we did some of my multimedia as well. I feel like the closer to the end I get, the more angsty I tend to be about whether I have enough footage or not. Although today was a productive day, one wonders how much is enough, more than quality can I be able to visually tell someone’s story with the authenticity it deserves.

Its weird to be so neurotic and still need so much “woosah” time but as tomorrow is the last day of shooting, it makes sense to push myself the furthest.


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