Rockey street rocked by the popo!

Today was quite the eventful day. Luke had been helping us so much with our videos and we have been grateful for his resourceful skills that gladly came in handy throughout our shooting. It occurred to me though, that Luke has been so instrumental in helping us, I haven’t seen him shooting any of his material and after a normal tough day in Yeoville the normal procrastination will be that he will record his stuff the next day. So I didn’t know if he has done enough. So we set out to help Luke.

When we arrived in Rockey street, the cards had been dealt for us to have a great day to shoot some raw and real material. Luke’s video is focused on police raiding on Rockey street and the many grievances that foreign nationals had. And almost as if the universe was listening, such a raid was happening today. We arrived just when it looked like it was simmering down and tried to extract some information from the people in the street and they were not willing to talk to us, let alone appear on camera. There wasn’t much action then and not enough police visibility so it seemed like a poor visual. We went back to brainstorm in the car. And in about 5minutes, more police cars and vans rolled through and there were suddenly lots of cops infesting every shop on Rockey street. It was a blue sea of cops searching shops and wearing gloves for the hygienic purpose of searching peoples genital areas for any hidden drugs or weapons. Intense.

While we were in the thick of activity, suddenly from a distance there was a man running towards us fleeing for his dear life. He was half-running, half flying and was sadly caught in mid-air as it looked. A swarm of police were all over him. In the moment we pulled out our camera because the action was too sudden for video footage but luckily Luke got some really good material and seemingly after the raids, people were shook. Apparently this happens in Yeoville every so often. We were shooting for about an hour and half and got really got raw material and authentic live action that could not have been recreated. So many photos and interviews were done and suddenly people were willing to talk, it was mostly venting.

I had intended to wrap up my video footage today. But my character was missing in action cause he had apparently left his refugee papers at home and if he was caught without them, he would be in jail. There is only so much Yeoville a person can do and Lawd! I am tired hey… there is just too much sizzle in those streets. I would have loved to have completed my work today but I am glad that I got to help Luke.


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