Edit is Ruthless

My feature, after my second re-worked draft, was about 3200 and while I was well aware of the fact that I was above the limit by 1200 words I felt relatively unperturbed because I really liked it. Now obviously my attachment to my feature was bound to set me up for some writer’s heartache. Granted, I was prepared. Ok, I suppose not really. So I sat down with my mentor to do what I thought would be modifying my work, not slashing it down so violently to 2060 words.

I guess there’s something to be said about conceptualising a story, going out to find it, finding it and sapping all the necessary juice out of your subjects to get the story and sitting down with the realisation that you have the power to construct it the way it will have the most impact. All the motions leading you to that final full stop really get you attached. So, according to my mentor, my quotes were too long and a bit complicated. So we had to reduce them to one-liners that hopefully conveyed the substance of my subject.  I guess as a writer, (haha! I just called myself the one thing I really don’t feel like after this week, alas) I am over-indulgent and somewhat sympathetic to whoever will read my work. I mean communication is a sign of respect, I want to write so I am understood and maybe possibly felt.

Anyway Kenichi kind of “felt” my metaphors a bit too much cause he said my metaphors make him want to “curl up in a foetal position”. Okay so I am willing to admit that my metaphors can be a little “overcooked” sometimes but there has to be a human interest in the feature right? Anyway from 3200 to 2060 something words, I guess editing is a miracle worker when done right. From all the editing endured this year, I can’t say I am too precious about my work. Also the burnout right now just makes me really eager to get to the finish line by any means necessary.

I am mostly grateful that my work could be edited to the required word count without completely losing its essence, at the end of the day as long as I’ve written so that I was understood, I will be better for it.


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