Loose ties towards the end.

I had intended to step into Yeoville with one mission- complete shooting and get all the multimedia I need for the documentary. But Karma would not let it be. My main character seems to be having an obvious case of frustration with me because I have been so persistent and demanding of his time, and at some point he alluded to the fact that with all this help he is giving me, there really is nothing in it for him. 

Which as much as I resent, I completely understand. He has been postponing a lot of our appointments because he has been busy. I’m starting to wonder if this was because I rejected his proposal, because that couldn’t be helped anyway. For our final- appointment we went to his salon, and did not find him. After several calls he said that he was on his way but we ended up waiting for 45min and decided to leave because we had other duties for other group members multimedia work.

Needless to say he didn’t call back or show up. I left Yeoville having not fulfilled anything I set out to do but I also left knowing that I am not going back for anything. Really, there is only so much Yeoville a human being can do and needless to say I am painfully exhausted. It has a lot to do with the fact that the finish line is sooo near. I have decided that I will work with the material I do have and improvise where I fall short but I am effectively emotionally checking out of In-depth. The fact that I have started editing represents the finish line for me. 


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